Heinz Schaettler









Associate Professor





Biographical Information:

Heinz Schaettler received a master's degree in Mathematics (Diplom-Mathematiker)
from the University of Wuerzburg in Germany in 1982 and a doctorate in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 1986.  After holding a one year position as post-doctoral fellow and visiting assistant professor at the University of California-Davis, he joined Washington University in 1987 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems Science and Mathematics where he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1993. Since 2003 he is a member of the newly formed Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering.

          Research Interests:

Geometric methods in the theory of nonlinear systems with a strong concentration
in optimal control theory.

Currently the focus of his research is on

    • synthesis type sufficient conditions for optimality in optimal control problems with state-space constraints (method of characteristics)
    • applications of optimal control methodology in mathematical models for biomedical problems (joint work with U. Ledzewicz), including models for cancer chemotherapy and anti-angiogenic treatments

Past research activities include:

    • clustering in electric power systems (joint work with A. Ozcan, I. Genc and J. Zaborszky)
    • stability of general nonlinear systems modeled by differential-algebraic systems with applications to angle and voltage stability for the large electric power system (joint work with J. Zaborszky, V. Venkatasubramanian, X. Jin, and K. Kim)
    • high-order approximations to non-regular equality constraints and corresponding necessary conditions for optimality (joint work with U. Ledzewicz)
    • the method of characteristics and regular synthesis in optimal control theory (joint work with M. Kiefer and J. Noble)
    • the structure of small-time reachable sets for nonlinear control-linear systems
    • principal-agent problems (joint work with J. Sung)
    • elliptic optimal control problems (joint work with S. Walczak and U. Ledzewicz)






Teaching Fall 2017


ESE 520 -  Probability and Stochastic Processes