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Jody O'Sullivan University Service

Joseph A. O'Sullivan University Service

Chair, Faculty Senate Council, 7/02 - 6/04.

Chair, Faculty Senate, 7/02 - 6/04.

University Council (ex officio), 7/02 - 6/04.

Co-Chair, Faculty Achievement Award Committee, 7/02 - 6/04.

Sesquicentennial Commission, 2002-2003.

Member, Faculty Senate Council, 6/00 - present.

Secretary, Faculty Senate, 6/95 - 6/98.

Secretary, Faculty Senate Council, 6/95 - 6/98.

Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, 8/95 - 6/98, 6/02 - 6/04.

Chair, Committee on Committees, 6/96 - 6/98 (committee to identify faculty members university-wide to serve on committees).

Member, Gender Pay Equity Committee, 1997 - 1999. Chair of the subcommittee dealing with the schools of Art, Architecture, Business, Law, Social Work, and Engineering and Applied Science.

Bookstore Advisory Committee, 1997. Committee submitted a report on issues related to subcontracting bookstore operations.

Member, Committee, 1996. Committee formulated a plan for unifying various electronic mail and internet resources.

Undergraduate Council and its Steering Committee, 1994 - present. Member of various subcommittees.

Civil Engineering Faculty Search Committee, 2002.

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Electrical Engineering at Washington University, Fall 2001 - Spring 2002.

Chair, EE and SSM Merger Committee, 2002.

SEAS Graduate Recruiting Advisory Committee, 2000 - 2001.

Various faculty tenure committees.

School of Engineering and Applied Science Graduate Board, 1995 - 1998.

EE and SSM Course Merger Committee.

EE Department Faculty Search Committee.

EE First Course Committee.

EE Department Graduate Committee, Fall 1987 - Spring 1998. Chair 9/95 - 9/97. Committee assignments included the development of posters for advertising the EE graduate program and recruitment efforts for new graduate students.

EE Department Representative for Issues Relating to Jolley Hall, Spring 1988 - Spring 1990. Interfaced with Dean McKelvey, the architects, and served on a school-wide committee.

EE Seminar Committee, 1988 - 1990, 1992-1995, 2002-2003 Academic Years. In addition to bringing in speakers, drafted a plan for improving the seminar series.

EE Department Undergraduate Committee, Fall 1987 - Spring 1989, and Fall 1998 - 2002 present.Various committee assignments include drafting the resolution for the staffing of EE 480 which was subsequently approved.

EE Faculty Advisor, IEEE Student Chapter January 1987 - present. Meet regularly with students to plan year's activities. Sign up all new members. Interface with Section and Regional leaders. Host Section Student Paper Contest.

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