Department Chair

Major turnaround: Under my leadership as chair of the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering, ESE went through a major turnaround and growth from 2006 to 2016. At the beginning, most of the faculty were not research active. But after hiring young faculty and retirement of most of the pervoius faculty, the majority was young and excellent who started to build up their research and funding. The success in hiring excellent faculty was not at all obvious and should not have been taken for granted. Before my term, there was a period of 15 years that no EE faculty were hired and remained in the department, and similarly 19 years for SSM. Many people in the administration and our school lost their confidence in us. I encountered resistance to our existence, let alone our growth, which continued three years into my term. Despite these challenges and the turmoil at that period, I was able to hire excellent faculty and make many contributions. Our department became much stronger than before and I put it on a trajectory for great success.

Press: An article about my chairmanship in the WUSTL Engineering Momentum magazine of Fall 2016.

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Pictures as ESE Department Chair, Washington University (2006-2016)

Preston M. Green Hall: The New ESE Buidling

Dedication of Preston M. Green Hall in 2011. Chancellor Mark Wrighton, Ms. Nancy Green, and Dean Ralph Quatrano are in the center. I am second from the left.