I am an Assistant Professor in the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, I was a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I completed my Ph.D at the University of Michigan and my M.A.Sc and B. Eng. degrees at the University of Toronto and McGill University, respectively.

Postdoctoral positions open: (i) Control-theoretic analysis of information processing in neuronal networks (Details); (ii) Modeling and analysis of neuronal network dynamics in states of reduced arousal (Details). (ii) Control

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My research group uses systems and control theory to study the relationship between dynamics and information transfer in biophysical neuronal networks. In parallel, we are elucidating new ways of manipulating neuronal circuit dynamics using pharmacology and emerging neurostimulation technologies. Our approach combines computational neuroscience with control theoretic analysis and design. The complexities of neuronal circuits yield tremendous opportunities for developing new engineering theory, toward insights in basic neuroscience and translational applications in brain medicine.


Office: Preston M. Green Hall, Room 1120C
Email: shinung (at) ese.wustl.edu
tel: +1 (314) 935 6508

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