Emerging Applications in Systems and Control Theory for Neuroscience and Neural Medicine

Full Day Workshop

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 American Control Conference, Washington, DC, USA

Organized by: ShiNung Ching, Sridevi Sarma, M. Brandon Westover

For questions, please email ShiNung Ching: shinung (at) ese (dot) wustl (dot) edu
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Rapid advances over the past several years in the development of medical technologies hold exciting promise as new therapeutic options in neurological disease and new neuroscience tools for understanding brain function. Achieving this promise will require the development of methods to robustly model, estimate and regulate the dynamics of highly complex neuronal circuits and systems. Systems and control theory will, thus, be a critical ingredient in the successful realization of these new medical and scientific advances.

This workshop will offer a survey of emerging problems at the boundary between systems and control engineering, neuroscience and neural medicine. The topics will span multiple scales of control: (1) closed loop control of large scale brain activity using neural pharmacology, (2) estimation and control of brain and neuronal dynamics in disease using brain stimulation technology and (3) control of small scale activity in local neuronal circuits and individual neurons using experimental neuroscience methods. Emphasis will be placed on both recent theoretical developments - for instance, system identification and controllability in neuronal networks - as well as on real-world clinical constraints in applications such as deep brain stimulation for the treatment of neurological disease, or optical stimulation in experimental neuroscience.

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